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NutriChem is one of Canada’s leaders in personalized vitamins

The foundation of personalized medicine is custom vitamin compounding. Following your initial visit or after completing the body chemistry balancing (BCB) test, NutriChem clinicians design a custom vitamin formula that is tailored to you and your nutritional needs.

If you are interested in a custom vitamin formula and are not under the care of one of NutriChem’s clinicians, a prescription from either an MD or ND must be provided in order to begin the process.

You can also visit our Custom Vitamins FAQ page to learn more. Some of the initial getting started questions have been answered below. However, if you have any specific questions about ingredients, delivery methods, etc., our Custom Vitamin Concierge, Christina will be happy to help!

Contact us for more info on Custom Vitamin Formulas.

Custom Vitamins FAQ

Your clinician will decide what the custom vitamin formula contains based on your health history, bloodwork and treatment plan. A custom vitamin formula may contain a combination of various micronutrients such as B-vitamins, magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamins A, D, E, K, CoQ10 and others. NutriChem can also compound your custom formula to contain herbs, such as ashwagandha (withania somnifera) and chasteberry (vitex).

NutriChem’s custom vitamins contain only the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to maximize absorption and digestibility. NutriChem does not use any synthetic additives or fillers in our custom formulas. NutriChem is proud to provide clean and allergen-free products to our customers that have sensitivities or allergens. NutriChem’s custom formulas are also available in powdered form, with or without added flavour

Anyone can be a candidate for custom vitamin formulas. Custom vitamins can be used to support general health and wellbeing, treat nutritional deficiencies, optimize performance or work synergistically with other treatments of various conditions. Your clinician will ensure the ingredients in your custom formula are safe and do not interact with other medications.
This will depend on your treatment plan from your clinician. Your clinician may decide to increase or decrease various dosages or add ingredients into your custom formula depending on how you are responding to treatment.
It is recommended you take your custom formula daily at breakfast and lunch, in divided doses, with food. Mixing suggestions for the powdered form: it’s great in yogurt, orange juice and applesauce.
A cool dark place, such as your freezer, is the recommended place for storing your custom formula. Keep it out of direct sunlight and humidity. Do not store your formula in the refrigerator or near sources of heat or steam, such as your bathroom or kitchen counter.

Please reorder a minimum of 2 weeks before you finish your formula to allow time for compounding and shipping. There are many ways to reorder:

  • If we have a credit card on file for you, email with your name, phone number and billing and shipping addresses.
  • Call 613-820-9065 or 1-888-384-7855 to order and provide payment information.
  • Order online at
  • Sign up for Auto-Purchase subscription feature to save 10%.
Sign up for our Auto-Purchase subscription program to save 10% on your custom formula on every recurring order. Just let us know that you would like to sign up when you place your next order.
You can sign up at any time and cancel at any time. Tell NutriChem how often you want your order to arrive (typically, it’s a 60-day supply, but we can always adjust the frequency) NutriChem will keep your credit card on file for payment. Your custom vitamin arrives on schedule without any input on your part!
Typically your custom vitamin will arrive every 2 months (a 60-day supply). You can always call us to adjust the frequency.
Of course! This tends to happen if you miss taking a few capsules here and there. If you realize that it is taking about 2.5 months to finish your custom formula supply, we can adjust the timing accordingly.
Unfortunately, we are not able to do this. To receive the discount of 10% off each order, your order needs to be processed automatically.
We suggest that you book a consultation with your clinician to discuss your dosage and adjust the frequency of your dosage. To get the maximum benefit from your custom formula, you should be taking it as close to the recommended dosage as possible. Your auto-purchase order is processed based on how your clinician recommended you take your custom formula. If remembering to take your full dose of capsules is difficult for you, we can compound your formula in larger capsules, reducing the number of capsules taken per day.
We can compound your vitamins into smaller capsules; however, the number of pills taken per day may increase. We can also compound your formula in powder form and add some delicious natural flavours like Tropical Breeze, Fruit Medley and Orange to mask any bitterness.
Yes, we ship orders internationally with Canada Post. We offer free Canada Post shipping for custom vitamins within North America! We also offer free local delivery for custom formulas within most areas in Ottawa.
Since the formula is customized to fit your individual needs, the cost will vary. On average, the cost will vary from $150.00 to $300.00 for a 60-day supply depending on the ingredients. If you find the cost of your formula to be too expensive, you can discuss this with your clinician to see if any changes can be made. You can also save 10% by signing up for our auto-purchase subscription program!
Custom formulas are not covered by OHIP; however, your private insurance may cover some of the costs depending on your plan. Check with your provider for more details.
We recommend following up with your clinician at least every year to review your custom formula or more frequently if you have ongoing health issues that need monitoring.
No, you can check with your clinician to see which tests they recommend redoing for adjustments to your formula. We do recommend re-testing fully when you can to see the improvements from taking your custom formula.
While we usually ask for two weeks’ notice in case our compounding lab is busy, we might be able to make it faster for you if we have all of the necessary ingredients that your formula requires. Perhaps you can sign up for our auto-purchase subscription program, so you do not have to remember to call and save 10%.

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